Winter Solstice

We made a video here at Method to celebrate the winter solstice

created at Method Studios Melbourne
edit by Andy Stalph
modeling by Savva Tsekmes
sound by Richard Buxton

Learning Arnold

This year our studio inherited the amazing Arnold renderer and a bunch of licences for us to use in C4D and Maya.  Originally I was planning to learn Octane after so many impressive pieces from artists such as Beeple and the clever folk at Elastic. Due to still being locked into my Apple bubble and not having Nvidia cards, this wasn't really possible so Arnold it was.

Initially it was quite daunting.

Firstly the viewport doesn't show materials and mostly textures need to be build from scratch using the xpresso editor.  The amazing render quality more that makes up for those shortfalls and I quickly started doing tutorials to get my head around the new workflow.

I throughly recommend tutorial series from mograph +.  as well as greyscalegorilla.



Some work I've made so far:

I found some great models from

AEAF - talk

This month I was lucky enough to speak at AEAF about my experience of motion graphics.

Was a good chance to showcase some recent work, talk about my process and share some tips & tricks I've picked up over the years.  While at the conference I thoroughly enjoyed talks from Glenn Melenhorst from Iloura as well as Tim Clapham from Luxx.



Ecca Vandal - Truth to Trade

This quick turn around lyric video involved designing a typographic style and treatment.
I also refilmed all the concert footage off an old CRT monitor and processed it with grain, stock and the amazing pixelsorter plugin.

Directors: Kidnot and Andy Stalph
Edit: Andy Stalph
Design: Simon Bronson
Online: Felicity Stalph, Jaimie Scott, Chris Betteridge
Colourist: Ciara Gallogly
Camera Kidnot, Andy Stalph
Additional filming: Ryan Lynch, Sean Mc Donald, Arlo Cook

Pausefest 2016

I was thrilled for method studios to be asked to create a motion response for this years Pausefest.  Having done one before I knew It was a fantastic opportunity to experiment and create something without a client looking over your shoulder.  

It was the first time I'd used motion capture, Savva Tsekmes had just bought a perception neuron kit and he not only helped looked after the technical side but also did all the running and posing for the spot.

We used cinema 4D for the project, in particular, lots of mograph with SSS shaders as well as X-particles for trailing balls.  We used the Physical renderer with baked in depth of field.

Many thanks to to Pat DC who brought the trails to life, including particle explosions as well as tuning the textures so they looked great in every shot.

Hats off to Sam from Broken Spires who composed the amazing track as well as sound designed the piece .

Here's a BTS video.....

And the final piece

Method Studios 

Director/Animator: Simon Bronson

Particle Fx: Patrick Da Cunha

Mocap Artist: Savva Tsekmes

Sound: Broken Spires

Grade: Edel Rafferty




Adobe Video World 2015

I felt honoured to be asked to talk at this years AVW. I did sessions on Motion graphics using C4D and AE as well as an intro to Plexus.

I got some lovely comments, learned a lot and also got to meet a lot of friends I'd met through twitter and slack.


Practice Session @ method studios, Melbourne

Practice Session @ method studios, Melbourne

Ecca Vandal - ‘Father Hu$$la’

I was asked to 'grunge up' a section of  ‘Father Hu$$la’ by Andy Stalph, the director.  I'd been playing with various distorted bits of stock and effects ( such as the classic scale wipe in After Effects) for some video projected sections and I used these as a base for this component.

Previously I'd experimented with some various pixel sorting scripts on still images for instagram before and fortunately pixelsorter for after effects had just come out which added another level of distortion that deconstructed the images beautifully..


Although only a small section was used, (1:07) the effect turned out beyond our expectations.

Here's another random image using the pixel sorting algorithm.

The Nightingale and the Rose

Super proud to have been involved in Kathryn Del Barton's interpretation of Oscar Wilde's short story 'the nightingale and the rose'.

It was truly a labor of love from the method studios team in Sydney and Melbourne. I animated the student and daughter characters, it took over a year to complete!

You can watch a trailer of it here on the method design site.

Its already picked up awards at the Melbourne Film Festival and the AEAF awards.

Plexus Tutorials - NAB

I was lucky enough to get over to NAB in vegas this year to demonstrate the integration between C4d and Plexus.  I've attached some tutorials to get you going.





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